This site is dedicated to the LPGA and their fans. You will find all kinds of information that will introduce you to the Ladies Professional Golf Association and even learn a bit about a few of the top players.

As you browse our pages you will learn about the birth of Ladies Professional golf, The Women’s USA Golf Championship Open, LPGA Golf Tours, Ladies Professional Golf Association of Japan, Ladies Professional Golf Association Top Players, The LPGA Volvik Championship, and LPGA Volvik Championship Course.

Lady_golferThe website is not only for information but also for fans or those that are not sure what the LPGA is all about. There are fans across the world as well as tournaments throughout the world looking for lady golfers. In many cases, some of the programs are working with young girls to get them interested in the sport.

The LPGA also offers junior tournaments with girls from several countries so the sport is getting quite a bit of attention. This is one main reason for this website, to help raise awareness and bring more fans to the tournaments. The ladies may like quiet when they are swinging, but sure like the excitement when they get a birdie or even a hole in one.

Hope you enjoy reading the information concerning the Ladies Professional Golf Association, especially how the association started and the top players at this time. Of course, this can change as not every golfer can have a perfect game each and every game, but the ladies golf tournaments are just as thrilling and exciting as the men’s.