The Birth of Ladies Professional Golf

The ladies professional golf association was born in the USA in 1950. This great sport for women and even young ladies, now in its 4th generation of play has grown by leaps and bounds. Golf for any individual helps a person build character by excepting losing gracefully and always challenging a person to improve their game. Today parents are encouraging young girls to get into the sport at very early ages because it’s fun challenging and even for healthy exercise. Prize money in Ladies Professional Golf has sky rocket in the last few years to over 56 million dollars.

While the LPGA was started in the United States it has exploded worldwide too so many other countries such as Canada, England, China, Scotland, Australia, and many more. Great women golfers are competing for big prize money from aGolf_course,_Italy_-_20070620 (1)lmost every nationality across the globe. There are several big tournaments held in the USA and several others held worldwide like the Women’s Australian Open and the Mizuno Classic held in Japan just to name a few.

Thirteen women had a dream and launched the Ladies Professional Golf Association that has become a worldwide success for women and young girls around the globe. Qualifications to get on the tour are very competitive and the competition is tough to qualify. A player will have to rank the top players in several try out rounds administrated by the LPGA to make the cut and qualify to get in the LPGA tour.

Now more than ever before women golfers are playing worldwide with the hopes of one day qualifying to get the opportunity to enter tryouts to go on the tour and compete for big cash prizes. Watching the LPGA tournaments offers an exciting event for any golf lover, the competition is great and it’s amazing to see these ladies compete for the cup.