What Everyone Should Know About a Bachelor Degree of Physical Education

For anyone considering getting their bachelor degree of physical education, it can be overwhelming to know what goes into getting this degree. Here’s what everyone ought to know about a bachelor degree of physical education.

You Must Attend University to get Your Degree

To get your bachelor degree of physical education (BPE) you will need to attend university. Most degree programs take four years, so you can expect to invest a significant amount of time obtaining your degree.

Coursework Will Vary

People who enroll in a physical education degree program can expect to take courses like kinesiology, exercise physiology, teaching methods courses and personal health and wellness classes. You’re expected to have a wide variety of physical education knowledge, so there’s a lot you’ll need to learn while attending university.

You May be Prepared to Teach Health

Not only will your university prepare you to teach physical education, but you may even be prepared to teach health courses as well. Since many physical education teachers often teach health classes, your certification may include both health and PE.

You May be Sent into the Classroom

As part of your training, you may even be sent into the classroom for some hands-on work with students. Most universities want to ensure you’re as prepared as possible to enter the workforce, so they work out deals with local primary and secondary schools to take on university students to gain practical knowledge.

Do you still think a bachelor degree of physical education is for you? Your next step may be to research different universities to see where you should apply.