Oct 31

LPGA player Kang wins two cars with an ace in consecutive tournaments

It's been a good eight days for Danielle Kang. The 22-year-old LPGA player has not only made an ace in back-to-back tournaments, but she's also won a car for each ace she's made.

The second ace came on Friday in the second round of the LPGA Taiwan Championship. Kang used a 7-iron from 158 yards to make an ace at the 17th hole at Miramar C.C. in Taipei. For the effor, Kang won an Audi A6 T2.0.

"I was actually thinking about a hole-in-one, because I've been touching that car," Kang said afterward. "I really wanted the car. It was right to left. So, I wanted to aim a little right of it, but then I caught it OK. It hit the fringe, like the collar, and it just kicked straight in and just rolled, tracked all the way into the hole."

Kang, who turned 22 on Oct. 20, made her first ace in eight days in the opening round of the Blue Bay LPGA tournament in China, again with an ace on the 17th hole. She used an 8-iron at the 155-yard hole at the Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Course to win a Buick LaCrosse.

Not bad, right?

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Oct 30

Michael Jordan thinks President Obama is a ‘s***ty’ golfer

Michael Jordan doesn't think too highly of President Barack Obama's golf game. In fact, he thinks it's downright "s---ty."

In an interview with Ahmad Rashad, Jordan was asked to name his dream foursome. President Obama first made the cut, then didn't.

"I've never played with Obama but I would," said Jordan. "But no, that's okay, I'd take him out. He's a hack, it would be all day playing with him."

Rashad suggests that might cross a line, dissing the Commander-in-Chief's golf game. Jordan isn't deterred.

"I never said he wasn't a great politician, I'm just saying he's a sh---- golfer."

Jordan, who can play scratch golf, probably wouldn't have much fun competitively with Obama, who plays in the 90-100-stroke range for 18 holes.

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Oct 30

Gary Player: Tiger could have won 24 majors without a swing change

As Gary Player sees it, Tiger Woods could have obliterated Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major championships -- had Tiger done one big thing differently.

In an interview on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger," the golf legend says Woods never should have deviated from the swing that won him the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links by 15 shots.

"Tiger Woods, if he'd never had another lesson, just left what he had. He would have won 20, 22, 24 majors," Player said. "But he's also been unlucky: three knee operations, back operation and a few other problems."

Player thinks he can get Woods back on track in an hour. While that's more time than the 10 minutes 2008 Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger says he would need to fix Woods, Player has a lifetime more experience.

"But would I love to sit down with him for one hour and give him a piece of my knowledge," Player said. "I can't tell you what I'd say. But then I think he could win majors."

The South African hopes Woods will come back and win majors. He sees it as important for golf at large.

"So, will he come back as a champion? I really hope so because the game needs Tiger Woods," he said.

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Oct 29

Nicklaus sees Woods still breaking record, had 40 majors to win 5

Jack Nicklaus still believes in Tiger Woods. 

The 18-time major champion believes Woods, who has 14 majors to his credit, can still win another handful of majors and become the sport's all-time greatest major champion. In an interview with ESPN reporter Darren Rovell at his alma mater Ohio State University, Nicklaus said Tiger will have to win one-eighth of the majors he has left to get to the sought 19 major mark.

Not too many people are making that argument these days, but, for Nicklaus, there's not much motivation to change his tune. The day Nicklaus publicly acknowledges Woods' window has closed is one of the most seminal in Woods' chase. 

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Oct 29

Michael Jordan tweetburns Keegan Bradley from Charlotte Hornets account

Ryder Cup team stalker and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan took to Twitter on Tuesday to pump up fans for the start of the NBA season. He took over the team's official Twitter account, documenting his day. 

Keegan Bradley, who wears Air Jordan golf shoes and has a great relationship with His Airness, thought he'd take the opportunity to tweet at Jordan with a little trash talk.

Bradley must have forgotten for a moment that Jordan is among sport's all-time great trash talkers. Jordan didn't, and he promptly reminded Bradley of just how good No. 23 is at smack talk.

Even Bradley knew he'd been gotten.


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Oct 28

Judge gives Olympic golf course developers deadline to agree to design changes

The fate of the Olympic golf course and its finished design may well be known this week. 

A Brazilian judge has given Rio de Janeiro officials and the developers of the 2016 Olympic golf course an opportunity to settle with prosectors on an altered design to the course that would protect land prosecutors say has been developed in violation of the country's environmental laws.

The judge has asked if three holes of the course can be moved and redesigned so that a nature reserve can be established on the property.

Judge Eduardo Antonio Klausner asked for the city and developer, Fiori Empreendimentos, to make their decision by the end of the week, according to the Associated Press.

The course, designed by renowned architect Gil Hanse, is 60 percent done and construction continues while the suit drags. 

The entire project, which is part of welcoming golf back into the Olympic program after a 112-year absence, has been mired with problems, from acquisition of the land from a rightful owner, to further ownership disputes, to development delays, now culminating in this lawsuit. The course is to have a test event played there in 2015 in anticipation of two Olympic tournaments played there during the '16 Olympic games.

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